Digital Marketing is online marketing. It is used to promote service and product online. Everybody knows what is tradition marketing. If you do not know then I can explain a little bit.
Tradition marketing is when you promote your product and service on newspaper, pamphlet, the poster in your local area and tv promotion(this is media promotion, part of digital marketing).

Digital Marketing is when you promote your product and service on the internet like facebook, google ads, on the page and off page and google plus.
Now you know the difference between tradition and digital marketing.
Let' understand why digital marketing is important. All we know very well that nowadays everyone is using the free internet so most the people are online. 
If everyone is online then our customer is online. That's why we need to update our product and service online.
Social Media is a boom for our business in this era.
So come and join us. We, ITSWS Technologies offers you many services like PPC, google ads, SMO, SMM, SEO. SEM. We want to serve you and our only aim is to grow our clients business. And our aim is to give the best service that's why we take one type of project from the company and another type of project from other companies at that time.
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